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November 2020 Notes

    As we monitor the Covid numbers locally, please note that Fairchild will go fully virtual following the Thanksgiving break and the office in Sandy Spring will be closed. If you have a tutor coming to your home, please touch base with Hillary as soon as possible to discuss a plan. Hillary will still offer practice tests in office on Sunday mornings. 

Please make sure, whether in home or in the office, that ALL children and adults must wear well fitting masks when they are with a tutor.  

Important Holiday Scheduling Updates:

We know the schedule gets challenging this time of year, please let us know as soon as possible about changes to your schedules so we can adjust on our end. 

We will be CLOSED the following dates for the Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays, reopening permanently in our NEW office in Highland. 

Nov: 25th - 29th

Dec: 23st - Jan 2nd

Limited test prep and college guidance appointments will be available during the Christmas break.

Traditional 1:1 Tutoring:

Tutoring is busy this fall, both in person and virtual, and some of the tutors have schedules that are changing as they figure out their own pandemic schedules. We appreciate your patience as we make sure everyone has an appropriate tutor! We are maintaining the Covid rate of $65/hour (a $10 savings) until the kids are back at school in a normal way! 

ACT/SAT Prep: 

Class of 2021: We should be mostly wrapping up the fall/winter test season. Let Maggie know if you need to be scheduled for any last sessions. As results come out, send those to Hillary. Please note, tutors send Zoom links and practice tests a day or two in advance, always check your email! 

Classes of 2022 & 2023: Practice tests will continue to be offered on Sundays as we start getting you guys organized.

College Guidance: 

Class of 2021: We’ve wrapped the first couple of due dates and are continuing to work to complete all applications. Stay in touch and email Hillary for subsequent appointments. If you text Hillary a question directly, please include your name with the message! 

Classes of 2022 & 2023:  Hillary is scheduling virtual meetings in November to begin the college guidance process. 

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