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Finding (and filling) the cracks in your student's education

     Just like with anything in life, when you do something long enough, you start to notice trends. With Fairchild into its 13th year, we know where the cracks tend to be in a student’s education, no matter how fantastic their schools are! Those cracks are even more apparent in a year like the one we’ve had.       The big pieces of the puzzle are of course reading, writing, and arithmetic, followed closely by foreign languages. Math and language skills are “use ‘em or lose ‘em” type skills. If your student has a lengthy break between those subjects, like this year when some of our students may go most of a full year between them, those skills will be fading fast by the time the next textbook is opened.       Reading and writing go hand in hand. Our students are encouraged to read as much as possible, on any subject they’re interested in. We find that it not only helps their regular schoolwork, but it gives them a huge boost when it comes to the SAT and ACT. Writing is a hard concept f